Which Bikini Tops are Right for You?

Which Bikini Tops are Right for You?

15/07/2021 Off By ladyadminka

Finding the most flattering bikini tops for you shouldn’t be difficult. On the contrary, it shouldn’t take any of your time. All you need to know is what suits your body type or, rather, your cup size. Like with everything in life, personal taste should be the preference. However, some colours and styles always seem to be more flattering than others.

Rather than sizing, finding flattering bikini tops should be all about your shape and about your back size and cup size. For good or for worse, your bust, this is, the size of your bust, is the main factor to account for. This factor is especially relevant for some bikini tops styles, such as strapless bikini tops.

Other factors are the activity you’re planning on doing. You shouldn’t really wear a strapless bandeau or a plunged bikini top if you like a good swim, as these aren’t the most comfortable styles for this activity. On the contrary, if all you’re planning is lying down and sunbathing, these two should be at the top of your list.


Who Can Wear a Halter Neck Bikini?

Halter neck bikini tops tie up on your back. They are ideal for regular to large busts, so it’s one of the most flattering styles for women who wear DD+ bikini styles. On the one hand, a halterneck bikini feels supportive and, visually, it feels almost like you had some hands holding your bust.

On the other hand, it can hurt your neck if you have a big bust and it feels loose on the band, so, make sure you get the right back size. Remember: it’s the band, with the wires, that holds the weight of your bust, so it’s important to get it right.

  • For larger cups, an underwired halterneck bikini is always a greater option than a non-wired one.
  • Halter neck bikini tops are usually soft-cup, but still can find some styles with light molded cups, with very light padding, which will look better in regular to smaller.
  • Smaller cup sizes aren’t the most flattering option for halterneck bikinis, but you can always get a halter neck push-up bikini, a convertible bikini top (bandeau and halterneck bikini 2 in 1) or a high neck bikini top with a keyhole, so on trend this season!


What about Triangle Bikinis?

Triangle bikinis are similar to the halter neck bikini tops, but the shape of the cup covers less and has a triangle shape. Triangle bikinis look amazing in smaller cup sizes, so they are the perfect alternative to the halter neck for smaller busts. If you have an athletic shape, you’ll do the best of your shape with a triangle bikini top. Most of our triangle bikinis have molded cups and many also have padded cups.


Should I Wear a Strapless Bikini?

Sure, why not? You can go for a cute bandeau bikini top or a convertible bikini, which can be worn as a halterneck, too. Most strapless bikinis come with some attachable straps, too. A strapless bikini top looks better in smaller cup sizes and petite women. The reason is, the weight of large busts makes strapless styles less supportive and, so, less flattering.


The Push-Up Bikini to Boost Your Bust

The push-up bikini is one of our favorite styles for smaller cup sizes. They look stunning in petite girls, as well as A to C cup sizes. Push-up bikinis are a practical choice for fuller cup busts, too, as they boost your top area. However, they may feel a little too much if the pads are too thick, so it’s best to go for a natural push-up effect and avoid anything too extreme.