What to Wear Over a Bikini?

What to Wear Over a Bikini?

20/07/2021 Off By ladyadminka

Picture This: you are at the beach somewhere on the coast of Greece or Italy and it’s getting hotter and hotter by the moment. You don’t want to get sunburns, so you need something to cover your shoulders and back. Maybe your arms, too. A sun hat is your friend, but sometimes you need some beachwear to wear over a bikini or swimsuit and protect your pale skin.

Or, maybe, you are lucky to be enjoying a cruise. You want to relax, cocktail in hand, getting some Vitamin Sea in your body, but it turns out to be one of those windy days. We’ve all been there and, yes, you sometimes need of the help of a maxi pareo or a good beach cover-up.

We want to help you find the best piece of beachwear and the best accessories to wear over a bikini. Keep reading!


Wear a Kaftan Over a Bikini, Just Like Celebs Do!

You must have noticed most celebrities get photographed wearing kaftans or beach cover-ups. That can’t be a coincidence! Wearing a kaftan over a bikini is a great idea.

Kaftans are ideal to walk from the beach to the bar, to look ideal while enjoying a drink with the friends in one of those little Boho-inspired bars near the pool or to match with some denim clothes to go out. Yes, you can totally go out at night with the right beach kaftan… or the right dress!


Or Pick a Gorgeous Beach Cover-Up!

If you are all about showing off your designer swimwear, you need one of these maxi beach cover-ups! The more beautiful, the better! After all, you only go on holiday once a year and you need to holiday the proper way!


Trend Alert: Kimonos are Hot!

The kimono is one of those garments that has moved from the lingerie world to the swimwear one. Kimonos have been hot in fashion for a couple of years and it looks like they’ll stay in fashion for a long time. We couldn’t be happier about this, as kimonos look stunning over your bikini, especially if you colour-match them or you wear lovely prints.


You Need to Pack a Pareo, Obvs!

A holiday outfit is never complete without the right pareo. Size matters when you’re buying a pareo: the larger the pareo, the better. The fabric is really important, too. Luxury pareos are usually made of silk. Some insanely beautiful 100% silk pareos matching all their main swimwear collections. A great investment for all fans of luxury.