Top 5 Swimsuits to Debut This Summer

Top 5 Swimsuits to Debut This Summer

22/07/2021 Off By ladyadminka

Bold prints, simple solids, and flattering cuts all add a fashionable touch to your swimwear wardrobe. Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect style or just want to find something new to shake up your warm-weather adventures, you can have some serious fun browsing the hundreds of summer swimsuits out there. Here are five styles to look for in the coming months.

Bold Animal Prints

These swimsuits are coming in with a fierce growl! Animal-print swimsuits once again reign supreme, adding a touch of ferocity and bold style to your spring and summer wardrobe. Even if you aren’t usually the type to step out in something so eye-catching, you might just find a look you love in the mix this time around. That’s because they run the gamut from classic leopard spots to sizzling snakeskin to ferocious tiger stripes.

Which print is right for you? You might opt for an all-over pattern if you love the way that it looks. Or you could strive for a more balanced look by choosing a suit that features a solid bottom and a patterned top. If you favor more coverage, try a women’s rash guard. Long sleeves and a higher neckline ground the piece and lend it a streamlined appearance that allows the animal print to shine.


Artisanal Floral Patterns

In their many variations, floral patterns add something vivacious and attractive to your swimsuit collection. The beauty of the look is that it’s timeless. Sure, the arty floral pattern adds something a little bit modern to your warm-weather outfits, but you can wear floral all year round. Look for abstract elements and unusual details, like floral patterns on top of checkered backdrops, or high-neck bathing suits splashed with a rainbow of tumbling blossoms along one side.

You might even consider mixing your patterns. Some suits, for example, have a hint of floral mixed with something unexpected, like stripes or dots. The effect works well as long as the underlying color palette is harmonious. A blue floral bottom can look right at home with a striped blue top, for example—it’s just a matter of experimentation and taking a fearless approach to style.


Sleek Black Suits

Of course, not everyone wants to wear a bold print. The good news is that you can never go wrong with a black swimsuit! It’s the ultimate in classic style—simple, sophisticated, timeless, and beautiful all at once. Moreover, you can trust it to be a constant companion for seasons to come.

Black is also very easy to accessorize. Now is the time to slip an eye-catching cover-up on top, for example, or a lightweight dress that you can easily slip on and off when it’s time to dip into the water or stroll on the boardwalk. If you’re all about traditional looks that don’t have an expiration date, then black is by far one of the most reliable choices out there.


Retro Polka Dots

Nothing says “retro” quite like a polka-dot swimsuit! If you’re all about showing off your flair for vintage style or just want to try something new this season, then a dotted suit could well be the best thing that ever happened to your spring and summer wardrobe. Fresh, cute, and versatile, it’s a stylish choice that channels a hint of the past in the best possible way.

The best part? You have plenty of choices! A black and white women’s bikini top paired with matching bottoms is a fuss-free choice that you’ll love accessorizing with cat-eye sunglasses and cute metallic slides. Or you might prefer a more modest style with a high neckline. The fun dotted print livens up your look and lends it an element of relaxed comfort.


Square Necklines

Suddenly square necklines seem to be everywhere—and with good reason. No longer just a trend, the square neckline is a look that’s here to stay. It’s an alternative to a lower V-neckline, which some may find too revealing. It allows you to show off a hint of skin in a discreet way. It’s also a highly flattering style for all body types and creates a more balanced look overall.

In swimwear, this silhouette is particularly appropriate for those who need a little more support on top. The extra fabric doesn’t just provide more coverage but also bolsters reinforcement to produce a more seamless, streamlined look from top to bottom. They’re most commonly found on one-piece suits, along with tankinis and mastectomy swimsuits.

Whether you love a classic swimsuit or something more trendy, you’ll find hundreds of chic and flattering styles to meet your style needs this summer. By prioritizing comfort, you’ll feel your best all season long!