The Simplicity and Charm of the Striped Swimsuit

The Simplicity and Charm of the Striped Swimsuit

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The striped beach print is a timeless classic. When preparing for the beach season, this attractive option must be taken into account. Such a choice will allow you to emphasize the style, the own meaning of the style will allow you to create adjustments, the ideal silhouette. The end result is a charming, beautiful beach bow that is unlike any other way to stand out on the beach.

Who Should Wear a Striped Swimsuit?

Striped swimwear is one of the most famous, sought-after options. They do not lend themselves to the influence of time, age so that any modern fashionista can take advantage of such a maneuver. But still, a really magnificent beach bow can only be thought of in the case of objectivity, when her own figure is assessed, the girl follows the basic rules in terms of drawing up a striped bow for the beach.

Let’s start at the beginning, with a horizontal strip. She can bring quite a lot of trouble. Will make a strong emphasis on the hips, making them slightly wider, on the not too perfect stomach. So those girls who have curvy forms, it is better to refrain from such a print. But on the other hand, such beauties of a beach bow are perfect for girls with a fragile physique, visually making it possible to make the chest and hips zone more voluminous. And all this will allow you to create more feminine, seductive outlines of the figure


If a woman is distinguished by a rectangular figure, then it is better to immediately abandon clear, strict patterns. A silhouette with angularity will thank you if you choose a swimsuit with semicircular patterns that smoothly transition into fabrics. This will add lightness, grace, femininity. The presence of a strip can make the situation not very profitable.

The vertical print allows you to visually stretch the figure, create a silhouette. Thanks to such a simple trick, a few centimeters are added to growth. But then it takes a couple of kilograms, through a girl more slender. If the lady is short, plump, such a striped print is a real savior.


Types of Beach “Striped”

Stripe is a print characterized by practicality, simplicity, efficiency and originality. Putting on a striped product, you will definitely not look boring, even the simplest model looks profitable, even without additional decor, various elements for decoration. In any case, opting for a striped print will allow you to feel the positive aspects soon. Becoming the queen of the beach is not difficult, you just need to approach the choice of beach bow really responsibly.

As in the rest of the options, there are separate and fused models. Separate models with striped prints are presented in various versions.

Do you like minimalism? Then choose for yourself an excellent, laconic bando with a fastener on the back. A seductive set with ties, which consists of a bodice, cups – triangles, small swimming trunks, will become a good piston. For lovers of coexistence and retro, modern designers are ready to offer swimwear with inflated swimming trunks. I must say that this looks stylish, beautiful, playful, really impressive.


Girls who seek to hide imperfections of the body in order to look especially beautiful can opt for a tankini made in white and blue tones. This is a really beautiful, even enchanting marine theme. The original choice will be a striped top, which will be decorated with an applique in the form of a small boat, anchor or steering wheel. Such small maneuvers can add playfulness to the image, emphasize the mood of a girl who is ready for a sea adventure.

The striped print gives a great opportunity to create a truly extraordinary, creative bow. Especially if the girl wants to wear a cute, one-piece model. You shouldn’t even put restrictions in terms of simplicity, choosing exclusively a strip. A geometric pattern is a good choice, which is striking in its clarity. Drapery is a good choice; designers often use this addition. Connoisseurs of grace will definitely appreciate the beautiful model of a monokini, with soft cups, deep cutouts in the area of ​​the sides and abdomen. The options for a swimsuit look incredibly beautiful where the back is bare, there are complex weaves in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, lower back. All this only adds beauty, originality, modernity, true grace.

Does the girl have a slim figure? Then an excellent option for creating a beach bow would be a bandeau one-piece swimsuit, which gracefully exposes the shoulders. Wide stripes located horizontally on the product will add brightness, style, without spoiling the fragility of the silhouette. Ladies who prefer the elegance, nobility of the retro style can choose an indoor swimsuit that has short shorts. A strap in the form of a loop, a neckline in the shape of a heart, and the presence of draperies will be a good addition. A modest cut will only add uniqueness to the bow, it will look incredibly bright, somewhat seductive.


Girls of a romantic nature can emphasize such properties using weightless flounces, ruffles. All this will soften the severity of the strip, fill the image with a certain tenderness, charm, something that is sometimes so necessary.

Each year, designers come up with different options for striped prints. The direction of the stripes is changed, combined in one model. All this allows you to create a real masterpiece for modern fashionistas, who are more and more difficult to impress every time.

Stripe in black and white prints leads the beach in striped options. But you can always choose another color gamut. You can perfectly combine other colors, pink, turquoise, emerald, and other colors. The main thing is not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, to find something that will really decorate a cute girl on the beach.