The Right Swimsuit Neckline

The Right Swimsuit Neckline

29/07/2021 Off By ladyadminka

There are so many things to consider when trying on regular and plus-size swimwear. You’ll have to see if the suit you like supports your bosom, firms your stomach, provides enough coverage and simply feels comfortable. Don’t forget to see how the neckline looks either, as the right style can do wonders.



Universally flattering, v-neck cuts highlight your smile, elongate your neck and reveal a touch of cleavage. They work on large and small busts, as well as athletic, petite and curvy frames. A v-neck bathing suit can also lessen the appearance of broad shoulders.


Scoop Neck

Scoop neck swimsuits also look good on almost anyone, so they’re a lovely choice for most body types. The deep, wide cut makes your neck appear elongated and swan-like. They can also emphasize your collar bone.


Halter Neck

Try halter neck tankini tops if you wish to minimize the appearance of broad shoulders. Halters create curves, making them appealing if you have a straight midsection, though they look pretty on hourglass figures, too. They also draw the gaze upward, bringing attention to your eyes.



If you want to distract from your midsection, try an asymmetrical suit with a single strap that rests on one shoulder. This look might not compliment a short neck, though. To enhance your bust, find something with a ruffle that reaches diagonally across your chest.


Square Neckline

Clean and classic, square necklines tend to be the most universally flattering cut, but there are a few things to consider. If you have a slight frame and strong shoulders, it might be a little too severe. The neckline can make an angular face appear harsh, too. However, square neck plus-size swimsuits are wonderful for pear-shaped gals hoping to balance their proportions. When paired with wider straps, this neckline is great for women who require bathing suits for big busts.



This off-the-shoulder look is named for movie star Brigitte Bardot and is ultra-glamorous. Best for women with a small or medium chest, it’s good for athletic, hourglass, pear and petite builds. By accentuating the shoulders, also helps hide a fuller tummy.



The rounded cut of the sweetheart neckline swimsuit makes it great for busts of all sizes. It accentuates the décolletage and has a decidedly retro appeal, so it’s perfect for making a statement. It can also create the appearance of curves where there aren’t any.


Bateau or Boat Neck

Also known as a boat neck, this style follows the curvature of the collarbone and cuts straight across the chest. It’s lovely on women with modest bustlines but typically isn’t as appealing on a buxom figure. You’ll also find it’s nice on a pear-shaped body.