The Most Flattering Swimwear Colours that Aren't Black

The Most Flattering Swimwear Colours that Aren’t Black

29/07/2021 Off By ladyadminka

Finding the perfect swimsuit can make your next tropical vacation or beach day feel even more magical. There’s something next-level about stepping out into the sun in a swimsuit that fits like a glove, hugs your body in the right way, and makes you feel completely confident. That’s likely why so many women opt for black swimwear.

We totally get it—when it comes to women’s swimsuits, black is classic, can highlight and define your silhouette in all the right ways and looks great on most body types and skin tones. That said, if you’re looking to expand your swimsuit rotation, it can be fun and exciting to add some other colours to the mix.

If you’re looking for that a new swimsuit for your next day in the sun, and you either already have one or more black suits or simply don’t like the idea of rocking black swimwear, then read on for swimsuit colours that are just as flattering and versatile as classic black.


Dark Purple

Call it blackberry or eggplant, we’re talking a deep purple hue. If you’re looking for a swimsuit colour that’s flattering on any and all skin tones, then look no further than dark purple. This shade will bring a similar classic vibe as black to your beachwear look but with a slightly more unique touch. For a cut that’s just as flattering as the colour itself, look for a dark purple one-piece swimsuit, such as a V-neck tummy-skirted one-piece. Now all you need are some red grapes or purple carrots in your beach bag for a day that’s fully in theme.


Emerald Green

This stunning shade of green is known for its bluish-green hue and is named after a precious gemstone, which feels like a good sign. This colour swimsuit is just as flattering and versatile as reliable black but with more of a tropical nod. Opt for an emerald green suit in any style, from a two-piece high-neck tankini to a classic one-piece with a square neck, and note that this shade can really look amazing on any body type and skin tone.

Since this colour swimsuit provides such a reliable base, you can pair it with an array of beach cover-ups, like an aqua gingham or another fun pattern like citrus or floral.


Navy or Royal Blue

These darker, dynamic shades of blue are as dreamy as they are flattering. Blue is a great go-to because there are so many shades, which can often be complementary. That’s why we love the idea of mixing and matching with blue-toned swimwear. For a fun, functional, and super versatile two-piece mix-and-match option, look for your favourite shades of blue in tankini swimwear.

Opt for a navy top with lighter blue bottoms, or go royal blue on the bottom with a slightly lighter top. Tankinis are a reliable swimsuit option because they provide coverage while still feeling like a beach-ready bikini, so you really can’t go wrong with this combination of colour and style!



When we say maroon here, we’re talking about a hue that falls on the sweet spot of the spectrum of red and brown. The right maroon swimsuit will be as unique as it is flattering and, like black, will stand the test of time. A maroon swimsuit works great in any style, especially a one-piece with a low-cut back or a high-neck underwire bikini top paired with high-waisted bottoms. Maroon is also a great option for swimwear because so many shades fall under this (beach) umbrella, so you can really play around with this hue. You might just find your new favourite colour.


Burnt Orange

If you’re looking for a colour suit that’s the perfect harmony of on-trend and versatile, then burnt orange—sometimes referred to as rust—is for you. A burnt orange shade in a two-piece swimsuit or classic one-piece style can be the perfect way to expand your swimsuit rotation. It’s a way to branch out while still rocking a shade that’s as flattering as that go-to black. Plus, a swimsuit in this shade is guaranteed to look absolutely stunning during golden hour, which is all the more reason to maximize your beach time.


A swimsuit in any of these colours will look simply amazing and help you expand your horizons, whether you’re an all-black-everything type of person or simply looking for your next suit. Once you find the perfect shade and style for you, simply sit back, relax, and wait for the compliments to roll in like the tide.