The Best Swimsuits for the Beach

The Best Swimsuits for the Beach

04/08/2021 Off By ladyadminka

Finding swimwear for the beach doesn’t need to feel like getting a root canal. In fact, shopping for the best swimsuits for the beach should be fun. Everyone loves to feel good, and swimwear doesn’t need to be any different. Let’s dive into how to select the best bathing suits for the beach.

The Swimsuit You Feel Cozy in

The first rule about swimsuit shopping is selecting a suit that celebrates you. A lot of people spend hours trying to find the best swimsuit for their body type. Instead of fretting about finding a style that fits your body, instead, focus on finding a swimsuit that shows off your personality.

Every bathing suit is a great swimsuit for your body. If you feel best in a modest one-piece swimsuit then go for it! If that flirty, itty-bitty bikini screams your personality, then rock that suit! Wearing a swimsuit is about celebrating you, so choose the swimsuit that makes you feel confident!


UV Safe

If you’re planning on spending tons of time soaking up those smile-inducing rays, you’ll want to make sure you have a UV swimsuit. UV suits protect your body against harmful UV rays, keeping you from getting too much sun underneath your swimwear. Some swimsuits don’t do this, but the more high-end bathing suits protect you from the harmful sun rays that do more damage than good.


Look for Quality that Stays Put

Long gone are the days where women are expected to just lounge on the beach. We are active, we play sports, and we want to enjoy the water. Snag a swimsuit that can keep up with your active self, such as a plus-size tankini that stays put when you need it.

If you’re an active beach-goer, look for swimwear that moves with your body. Active swimwear is designed to not only look flattering but also keep you covered as you move around in the water. It doesn’t lose its shape over time, and it stays put while you make a splash.


Shorts, Dresses, and More!

Remember when there were only a few options for bathing suit styles? Ugh, what a drag! Today, there are seemingly limitless options for every personality. Swimsuits with shorts are becoming increasingly popular with sportier women. For a more feminine look, opt for a women’s swim dress. Of course, the tried-and-true one-piece swimsuits and triangle bikini tops are still out in full force, but today there’s a variety of options for every style.

Be bold and try a new type of swimwear on the beach. Find something that can seamlessly go from the boardwalk to the sandy beach. Slip on a pair of shorts and wear your one-piece as a form-fitting top. Try new styles that push the boundary and offer up a touch of personal style.


Chic Cover-Ups

Complete the look with beautiful beach cover-ups that are designed to complement your bathing suit. Swimsuit cover-up pants are a hot new trend. These breezy pants cover you up in a jiffy so you can go from the town to the beach without needing to fully change.

Flowy, long-sleeve tops allow you to breathe but also protect you from the sun’s rays. You’ll get a break from the sun and still look like a beach-going goddess. The flowy material catches the breeze and gives a sense of drama and sophistication to your beach vibes.

Cover-up dresses are another great option — especially if you tend to run hot. Unlike pants and long-sleeve shirts, cover-up dresses still leave you susceptible to the sun’s rays, but you’ll have more breathing room. Don’t forget to wear a sun hat with your cover-up dress to protect your face and shoulders from getting too much vitamin D.


Body Positive

Let your swimwear bring out the best in your body. With options such as tummy-control swimwear, longer-sleeved swimsuits, and even bikini tops featuring underwires, you can look good and feel supported.

Swimwear shouldn’t make you feel shy, it should encourage you to celebrate your beautiful body. Find a bathing suit that makes you feel good. Use fun patterns and unique silhouettes to show that fun, confident side of yourself that everyone loves.

Today’s swimwear isn’t about being perfect. It’s about being you. Flaunt yourself on your next beach vacay with a fashion-forward swimsuit that you’re excited to put on. Give yourself the confidence to be active without the fuss of annoying straps or slippage. Today’s modern woman demands a modern swimsuit that is custom to her style, so get your beach bum on with body-positive swimsuit styles you’ll love.