Push-Up Bikini VS Non-Padded Bikini. What’s Best for You?

Push-Up Bikini VS Non-Padded Bikini. What’s Best for You?

20/07/2021 Off By ladyadminka

To wear a push-up bikini or not to wear a push-up bikini? That’s the million-dollar question. While traditionally women with larger busts would go for non-padded bikini tops and smaller-busted women would prefer to wear a push-up bikini top (or a padded one), this has started to change. Maybe this has changed because of the ‘body positivity movement. Or maybe is the fact that swimwear brands are caring more for designing size-inclusive swimwear.

Before, you’d simply go for whatever cup style was available. Nowadays, though, women have to decide between a push-up bikini or a non-padded bikini. Hopefully, our post will make it easier for you.


The Perks of Wearing a Push-Up Bikini

It’s not a secret that push-up bikini tops are absolutely flattering, especially when the pushing-up effect feels natural. It’s vital that you wear the right size here. Many women go for a slightly small push-up bikini with the misconception that a smaller cup size will boost the uplifting effect of push-up bikini tops. This isn’t the most flattering look.

Push-up bikini tops look good on small boobs, as they lift and center your bust, creating a cleavage effect. They are a great alternative to breast augmentation surgery or removable bikini inserts. What about the fuller cups? It also offers great support for large busts, because it enhances body posture.


Differences Between a Molded Bikini Top and a Padded Bikini Top

Molded bikinis have a light padding, a sort of thick lining, which holds their shape. Just like molded bras, these need to be stored carefully to avoid any creases or misshapen cups.

Molded bikinis are amazing for all breast types and sizes. A molded bikini with push-up padding can significantly improve your look if you have saggy or tuberous breast shapes. If you have uneven cup sizes and one of the cups always feels loose, we’d suggest you get some padded cup bikinis with removable padding.

Padded cups also hold their shape, like molded cups, but the padding is thicker. While padded cups also make your breast look rounder and enhances your cleavage, they often come with some perks: they add a cup size, removable or non-removable push-ups pads, etc.


When is it OK to Wear a Non-Padded Bikini?

Always! Non-padded bikinis are suitable for any woman, regardless of their size or style. Traditionally, soft cup bikini tops had always been considered unflattering for athletic body shapes and smaller busts, but, guess what? There is nothing wrong with wearing non-padded bikini tops. All bodies are beautiful, no matter their cup size.

  • For smaller cup sizes, try non-wired soft cups
  • For larger cup sizes, it’s best to shop underwired bikinis with non-padded cups, as they’ll offer greater support.