Wet Soft Cream Powder Illuminating Makeup Palette


The formula in the aurora borealis palette is sensationally unique. It is wet, smooth, soft & creamy. Suitable and flattering on all skin tones. In addition, it won’t foreground the pores on the face, producing a similar effect of high beam.



The beautiful palette has 6 stunning duo chromatic shades, ranging from a beautiful yellow gold to a stunning lilac-pink to an enchanting icy green.

Different from the typical powder highlighters, the creamy smooth formula of the Aurora palette glides onto skin and smooths over texture as opposed to accentuating it. This is particularly flattering on mature skin as the formula won’t accentuate fines lines and pores.

When applied to the skin looks supremely beautiful & has an eye-catching duo chromatic glow. If you want a dewy beautiful glow to your cheeks, this is the palette for you. The formula is totally buildable, so you can apply a little for a subtle glow from within or a lot for a blinding glow.