Uratot Nail Polish Remover Tools Set


Package includes: cotton nail remover, plastic remover wraps, fingernail soak off cap clips, triangle cuticle pusher, stainless steel pusher, nail polish remover bottle.


Designed in rose gold color, cute and stylish, with nonskid part for you to hold tightly. The triangular design is for easy nail removal without leaving marks or damaging your nails. The 2 nail polish remover bottles with a volume of 100 ml, which can be pressed and used for storing nail polish remover. Very small in size, convenient for you to carry around.

After soaking the polishing solution in the cotton pad, wrap the nails to remove the gel, then put on the remover nail clip and wait 10 minutes, then push the tool to remove the dead surface cells practical kit. The quality and complete kid is designed for gel polishing and cuticle removal, easy to use at home, professional salons and DIY manicures.