Ultra Fine Bent Eye Liner Brush


Eye makeup brushes set: angled eye define brush, pointed round eyeliner brush, ultra-fine bent eyeliner brush.


High-quality bristles are soft, silky bristles glide over the delicate eye area, making eyeliner application a breeze. Clean up beautifully with zero sheddings. Eye define brush, fine bent eyeliner brush, and pointed round eyeliner brush, 3 kinds of eyeliner brushes kit meet different needs.

The pro-precision eyeliner brushes have a bristle head designed for applying a tight line to the upper and lower eyelash lines using a liquid, gel, cream or powders, apply liner to the upper rim of the lash line to create the illusion of darker, fuller eyelashes. These brushes also work to fill in your brows.

Durable handles are made of premium material, they won’t be easy to get broken by connecting the aluminum ferrules tightly. The pointed tip allows for easy and clear access to the eyes and lines your eyeliner flawlessly, a must-have in your makeup collection, a great gift for makeup lovers.

The key to great makeup brushes are the bristles. Wash bristles with regular makeup remover or makeup water after your makeup, pour makeup remover or makeup water onto the cotton pad, then repeatedly brush the cotton pad with eyeliner brush until bristles have no color, rinse and lay brush flat to dry.