Set Eyebrow Tattoo Pencil with Eyeliner


Includes eyebrow pencil eyebrow tattoo pencil double head seal eyeliner double head multifunctional mascara.


One kit can address multiple needs. Special design, pay attention to solve the common problems that encounter in making up, makes your make up more delicate. Easy to operate, even the novice can master it easily. Apply quickly, save your time, perfect for busy people such as office workers.

Double head design. One side is the normal sponge head, one side is a seal. For those who cannot draw the end of the eyeliner well, the seal head can help you to solve the problem easily. It is rich in color, easy to draw and uninterrupted. The 0.01 mm sponge head can draw the details more easily.

Two kinds of brow pencils for you to choose from. The tattoo pencil has four tips, can draw the brows according to the growing direction of it, makes the brow more vivid. The eyebrow pencil is the double head, one is a brush, soft and good for shading eyebrows, another is a triangle design three-dimensional pencil tip, can meet different detailed drawing requirements.