Refillable Empty Lip Gloss Tube Tool Set


Package includes:

  • Ice-cream shaped empty lip gloss tube
  • Lollipop shaped lip gloss containers
  • Pencil shaped empty lip gloss tubes
  • Mini funnel
  • Inserts


The refillable empty lip balm tubes are designed as different shapes like pencil shape, lollipop shape, and ice-cream shape, novel designs matching with pink color makes them look cute and delicate, full of sweat and romantic flavor, which can meet different aesthetic tastes and bring people good moods.

The multi-shaped lip gloss tubes and mini funnels are made of plastic, non-toxic and odorless, they are easy to clean and refillable, the transparent tube body design is convenient for you to check the remaining amount and plastic funnels can help you fill the containers easily.

The cute plastic lip gloss containers come with inserts, which can provide nice sealing performance and help you apply lip gloss conveniently, they are suitable for storing lip gloss, lip balm, lip oil and other things and convenient to carry around, keeping you beautiful all the time.

The empty lip gloss tube containers are suitable for making lipstick samples, you can make different craft projects for your friends and family members, can be applied as birthday gifts, party gifts, holiday gifts and more, the lip balm containers are lightweight and portable, bringing much convenience for daily life.