Quick Professional Nail Polish Remover


100% pure acetone for fast and easy at-home manicure and pedicure. It helps eliminate any type of enamel in record time.


Eternal cosmetics pure acetone easily removes nail glue, gel, shellac, glitter, nail polish, dark color varnishes and even artificial nails without drying your nails. Our pronto isopropyl alcohol is a multi-use salon-formula made of 99% isopropyl alcohol that easily cleans implements, beauty tools, earrings and more. Great for protecting your skin and ideal for cleaning hands before nail treatment.

Eternal nail polish remover is easy to use. Just moisten a small cotton ball, massage nail bed pressing firmly from cuticle to nail tip, wipe clean and repeat if necessary. The formula acts quickly and effectively, removing even the toughest polish, leaving your nails ready for your next manicure.