Qalb Reusable Cotton Rounds


The makeup remover pads are made from soft bamboo cotton which makes them suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, dry skin, and oily skin. The pads are so soft that they can be used on babies as well.

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An amazing must-have item for all women. Instant deep facial cleansing-confidently use Qalb’s natural swabs on your precious skin because cotton is a natural fabric and tested to rarely cause any allergic reaction. Love travelling? Use the stylish washable drawstring bag that fits in your smallest bag. After use, throw the washable bag with the pads in the laundry and bingo, get clean pads to reuse again. Inexpensive to use-why buy disposable swabs every week when you can have reusable organic cotton rounds which can be reused 300 times. Save money while also being generous to our environment. Recyclable and plastic-free packaging-Qalb has made sure to use the best recyclable material to pack these luxurious pads for you. Small steps like these can improve the deadly effects of waste on our ecosystem.