Ownest Eyeliner Pen Set


This eyeliner is waterproof, does not smudge, and lasts longer. The texture is easy to slip when used, has a creamy texture, can be blended, and will not stain.


Of makeup eyeliner set, 14 different colors of super color eye shadow pen can help you design different charms. This eye makeup tool can be used not only as an eyeliner but also as an eye shadow pen and highlighter. On the other side of the eyeliner, there is a sponge stick to make a beautiful eye shadow cream. It contains pearlescent and matte colors, perfect for smoky effects and dramatic appearance. It allows you to create dense feline flicks or finely defined lines to deepen your eyes. It is easy to carry and use. Suitable for various occasions, weddings, parties, shopping, etc. It is composed of high-quality ingredients and can last all day. Suitable for salons, parties, weddings.