Natwag Reusable Update Makeup Remover Cloths


  • Microfiber is fine and soft.
  • Convenient for travel.
  • No skin damage.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Perfect size.


This is the latest update, more delicate than the regular one. There are three makeup remover cloths in this set, two round makeup remover pads and two square makeup removal cloth. It can take care of your full face, eye makeup, lip makeup, etc.

Natwar makeup remover cloth is made of high-quality ultra-fine microfibers, with unique resilience and high water absorption, natural eco-friendly materials, free of harmful substances to the skin. Natwar facial towel is easy to use on all skin types and work well with water or cleanser. The reusable pads clean makeup efficiently and gently, keeping all skin types soft and fresh.

The product is hand and machine washable at 40˚ C. Easy drying and hanging in the shower. Perfect gift for friends and family.

If you want to transit into a zero waste lifestyle, these reusable facial cleansing cloths are an ideal choice for you. You will be excited to continue using these as part of your commitment to creating less waste and limiting the disposables that go directly into the landfill. Natwar treats our environment kindly at every step. The brand journey will be as responsible for the environment as possible and will continue forever.