Nail Polish Remover Tools


Package includes: cotton nail remover cotton, plastic remover wraps, triangle cuticle pusher, stainless steel pusher, nail polish remover bottle.



These cotton are quality material, comfortable to use and has good absorption of nail polish remover, better to be applied with the pink plastic remover wraps, which fix your fingers and cotton pads tightly.

Provide you with a small nail polish remover bottle, the plastic material of a long lifespan, it has 100 ml volume, you can fill it with nail polish remover, then take it with you when you’re traveling, just press it gently and you’ll get the polish remover.

These nail polish remover tools are easy for you to operate in-home, save your time of waiting in manicure store, first remove the nail patch or crystal on the surface by cuticle, and then wrap your finger with cotton pads and plastic remover wraps.