Nail Care Cuticle Oil Kit Professional Effective


Package includes:

  • Nail medical alcohol cleaning pads
  • Nail strengthener
  • Calcium primer
  • Cuticle oil


Nourishing cuticle oil is the best choice to keep nail shine and nail epidermis. The cuticle oil of the nail recovery kit can be used daily, It can be used for gel nail polish, dip powder, poly gel nail, acrylic powder to keep the nail cuticle healthy.

By sealing the nail layers together, they can help brighten the nails, has a low smell, restores shine and protect nails, nail strengthener for damaged nails and then use the cuticle oil of the nail recovery kit to nourish the epidermis.

Strengthen and protect natural nails, give calcium nutrition, has a low smell. Effectively prevents the nail surface to turn yellow. It can be used as a primer and topcoat for nail polish and then can be used as the cuticle oil in the nail recovery kit.