Mix Of Matte And Shimmer Eyeshadow


Сolors matte eyeshadow, colors shimmer eyeshadow, colors concealer, colors lipgloss, colors press powder, colors blusher, colors silhouette, colors eyebrow powder, lip liner pencil, eyeliner, sponge bar.



Very pigmented and vibrant with excellent ductility, mainly suitable for eyes, lip, cheek, body and suitable for all skin types, сan easily create brilliant and clear eyes makeup finish.

Made of quality pigments and purest mineral oil, no dye. Easy to use and tinting on the skin, Suit for use on all kinds of skin, do not need to worrying about using on sensitive skin.

All-in-one makeup set including eye shadows, lipgloss, blusher, contouring concealer, face grooming powder, eyebrow.

Perfect for party makeup, casual makeup, wedding makeup, Salon or home use, Help you to keep the best look especially on some significant occasions. Makes you look more charming and attractive.