Matte Lip Pencil Set


Package included:

  • Сolors lip liner pencils
  • Lip masks
  • Clear sharpener


Red, hot pink, rose, plum, peach, cherry, dark brown, light violet, pale cocoa, chocolate, maroon and pumpkin color. Pencil long: 5.5 inches. All of them are covers.

The sharpener is with 2 sharpening holes, one small and one large. It does a great job on both lip and eye pencils both skinny and the fat ones.

After mere minutes of leaving this mask on your lips, they are left soft and hydrated thanks to the pairing of nourishing and hydrating ingredients.

You can use them not only as liners, but to fill in your lips for beautiful matte look. Besides, they can be also used for eyebrows (or as eyeliner) too.