Makartt Coat Off Uv&Led Top Base


  • 8 ml holographic topcoat
  • 8 ml mirror top coat
  • 8 ml base coat
  • Instruction


2 in 1 gel nail polish top coat, add glitter in topcoat, present a natural bling-bling effect. Long-lasting for 21+ days. Flexible topcoat avoids nicks, chips, and smudges. Beautiful mirror finish.

Makar base and top gel polish are all made with harmless ingredients, non-toxic and light smell, no harsh ingredients or adhesives that lead to damaged nails.

The base top coat required to be cured under the dryer lamp.

With gel nail polish, please always apply a thin layer each time! Too much coat or gel on the skin might cause a burning feeling when curing under a dryer lamp. Please clean the gel around the nails prior to curing as well.