Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner


False eyelashes come with high-quality synthetic fibers and 5 strong magnets, it will quickly attach to the magnetic eyeliner.


Their position is located after the test, which is the most suitable and effective. No need for any sticky glue. It was created with a water-resistant formula so you don’t need to worry about water. They are small but strong and useful to make sure you have gorgeous look all day long.

Now you have five style lashes for a party, night out, wedding, and daily. The 5 different styles of kit make it easier to show yourself on any occasion, you even can’t feel it when you wear it because it’s so light and comfortable. The magnetic lashes cover just 2/3 of your eyelashes toward the outer corners and give you a glamorous 8D looking instantly.

Liquid eyeliner contains more magnetic particles than others’, lashes and liner work together by strong magnets, the tweezers is designed a new curvature, easier to use. Magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner is a gift that all girls dream of.