Magic False Eyelashes With Eyeliner


These false eyelashes are made of top quality fiber silk, the arc of the lashes super natural and easy to apply. Offer you a light, soft and comfortable experience while wearing.


Magic Eyeliner uses a new formula with adhesive technology, makes an adhesive film on your eyelids for the false eyelashes to adhere to. Not need any glue and magnet.100% safe material, self-adhesive, safe & easy to use.

You can use either the transparent one or black one based on the makeup needs, or you can use both of them to add more adhesiveness. The eyeliner is smudge-proof,waterproof and sweatproof, long-lasting, give you an amazing experience.

It’s a simple to use kit which needs no special skills or visits to the make-up artist which is why makeup newbies are going to love it. Just apply the eyeliner and attach the eyelashes, then you can enjoy your eyelash look. Hence saves you time and money.