Long Lasting Eyelash Perm Kit Lash Curling Eyelash


Lash lift kit is used safely without irritation, which makes the eyelashes curl and last, makes your eyelashes curling and beauty, make your eyes more charming.


Eyelash lifting is an innovative way to keep eyelashes curly and look chic. The permanent eyelash kit is made with top-quality ingredients, to help you obtain long-lasting natural-looking curve eyelash. After perming, use eyelash coating maintenance the lashes can keep lifting for 3 months. Perfect for people who crave that extra curl for their natural eyelashes. For beauty salon use.

The eyelash lift kit had been rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness. The eyelash extensions are resistant, to water, tears, sweat, and the sun. This makes them versatile enough for almost any special occasion, no matter if the occasion is held outdoors or in, or even on the beach. Suitable for professional and private use.

Eyelash perm kit creates eye-opening, fluttery, and long curls that compliment any look for parties, weddings, and daily makeup.