Liquid Eyeshadow Primer Matte


Eyeshadow primer can ensure maximum pigmentation and 24-hour makeup, providing you with anti-wrinkle and anti-smudge shadow security throughout the day.

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It is the best companion for eyeshadow, make your eyes feel light, ensuring that the eye shadow is evenly attached to our eyelids, and can also lock the color of the eye shadow.

It contains moisturizing ingredients that help balance skin tone, reduce pores and fine lines. The creamy formula can be dried in a few seconds. It has a perfect pre-makeup effect without wrinkles. After drying it for a period of time, apply eye makeup for better results.

The primer is light, evenly applied, easy to push, beautiful in use, without any accumulation or spots, strong concealing power. This primer set has 6 colors: white, medium, dark, violet, mint green and rose pink. You can choose a color similar to your skin, whether you have African American skin or dark skin.