Lip Liner Pencil Set Waterproof


Long-lasting, easy to wear, natural, nutritious, made with premium high-quality materials.


This set of 12 waterproof lip liner pencils offers a vibrant array of soft, smooth colors that can also be used as eyeliner or lipstick pen. This multicolor makeup kit will leave your lips looking like they were done by a professional.

Create a look that lasts the entire day with these waterproof pencils. Use the lip liner to define the outer lip and prevent lipstick blurring, and lock the color in with lip gloss for colorful, all-day glamour that won’t fade or smudge.

These 3 in 1 lip liner pencils are soft, smooth & highly pigmented for an extra easy application that lasts. They’re waterproof and multipurpose, packed full of pigment that won’t feather or smudge, helping you create an exquisite look.