Lip Gloss Base Lipstick Primer


  • Suitable for professional use and personal use.
  • Lightweight and compact, easy to operate.
  • Great additive for lip gloss.
  • 100% brand new.


This lip gloss base is very suitable for diy projects. You can make your own unique, proprietary lipstick formula, very convenient.

You can add different colors and capacities according to your needs. You just need to prepare the basic lipstick colors and production tools to complete them. It’s easy and convenient to do.

The basic ingredients of lip balm are high quality and the thickness of the lip film is thick and thick. This is a purely vegetarian product that is used to make waterproof and permanent lipsticks.

This lip gloss base is an excellent accessory for handmade lip gloss. Healthy ingredients can help moisturize the lips and make them soft and plump.

Moisturizing or matte lip gloss base can meet your different needs, not only for professional beauty professionals but also for beginners of makeup, you can do it at home too. It can be used as a perfect gift for young girls and adults to enjoy hours of fun experimentation.