Lasting Eyebrow Liquid Pen With Brush


The long-acting polymer formula forms a waterproof film that the colored eyebrow gel seals the pigment on the eyebrows to form a natural color.


The formula is water-resistant, using a unique formula, the waterproof eyebrow gel has a stronger waterproof and anti-blooming ability, you don’t need to worry about color smudging or fading when you are sweating, swimming or taking a shower.

Different from traditional eyebrow cosmetics, our tinted brow gel contains high-quality synthetic fiber which makes it easier to shape, fill and hold your brows in place. The eyebrow gel fills in sparse areas to increase fullness and thickness for brows and make them look natural and healthy.

Lightly apply a precise applicator to fill the sparse area – use an angle brush to outline and define the eyebrow shape, feather-like strokes, and finish by combing with the spool. No matter you are a professional or a beginner, professional makeup precision eyebrow pencil is easy to use.