Lasting Eyebrow Liquid Pen With Brush


Package Included:

  • Eyebrow Gel.
  • High-quality brow brush.
  • Styles eyebrow grooming stencil card kit.


The long-acting polymer formula forms a waterproof film that the colored eyebrow gel seals the pigment on the eyebrows to form a natural color. This tinted brow adds depth without residue or hardening brows. Dries quickly and offers a strong hold to make your eyebrow look remarkable for 24 hours. Does do not transfer and for a full day.

The formula is water-resistant, using a unique formula, the waterproof eyebrow gel has a stronger waterproof and anti-blooming ability, you don’t need to worry about color smudging or fading when you are sweating, swimming or taking a shower.

This eyebrow gel brown can be easily removed with makeup remover or cleansing oil without residue. making your makeup remover at night easily and simple so that you have a more relaxing time.