Kyda Ownest Color Change Lip


  • All-natural ingredients, protect your softest and healthiest lips.
  • Easy to follow the instructions for great results.
  • Helps moisturize and leaves lips feeling soft and smooth.
  • Great additive for lip gloss handmade, you can add as much or as little as you like.
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The base of this lip gloss is discolored, changing from transparent to pink. This is a physical discoloration and will have a gradual effect according to the temperature of your lips. Therefore, the discoloration effect will vary from person to person.

Translucent gel base makes it great for DIY projects, you can create your own unique and specialized formulations, convenient, and healthy.

Made of excellent raw materials for handmade lip gloss, great、specialized gel base for use in cosmetics such as lip gloss and various oil, lotion, and gel formulations. And this is a Vegan, gluten-free + cruelty-free product. You get a safe, pure, and professional-quality gel for your lips.

This lip gloss base is a great additive for lip gloss handmade, Nutrients can help moisturize and leaves lips feeling soft and smooth.

Lightweight and compact, easy to use, you can add any amount according to your needs.