Ingrown Toenail Treatment


You will get 10 pieces of nail patches, a bottle of glue softener, a bottle of glue, a nail lifter and 2 nail files, nail pusher cleaner.


The ingrown toenail treatment kit can change the angle of toenail growth, provide good care for your toenails and keep toenail healthy. With the natural growth of the toenail, the toenail is gradually restored to the normal shape, so that the toenail is no longer pierced.

File and brush can be applied to clean the inside and outside of the toenails, after drying your toenails, you can cut the patch according to your toenail’s size, and stick around the toenails in the correct position, and replace it in due course.

You can use this treatment kit at any time and anywhere without worrying about wear shoes and socks, also without hindering your feet washing and bathing, it will not affect your daily life.