iMethod Lash Serum


All ingredients in this serum are hypoallergenic, non-irritating, allergy tested and dermatologist tested. Not tested on animals.


When you see someone with super long eyelashes, it is easy to assume that they have extensions. But, the real deal is possible with the help of iMethodLash lash serum.

iMethodLash eyelash serum is made with biotin and panthenol. It also works as an eyebrow growth serum. It will not only promote the growth of new lashes and brows but will also greatly improve thin, weak lashes or brows.

Testers saw an increase in lash length, 94% saw an increase in the thickness of their lashes, 92% said their lashes were fuller. With regular continued use iMethod lash growth serum, you’ll start to notice your eyelashes are longer and stronger over time.