Handmade False Eyelash Pairs


Pairs styles false eyelashes with, false lashes applicator, eyelash tweezers, these eyelashes set perfect for different occasions.


Vivid and shiny and long lifespan. this brand eyelash is a very durable and perfect performance with nice care, made of 100% soft material, full but the length of eyelashes fluffy looks natural wispy. Excellent length and width. 3 pair pack of fake eyelashes strip with volume are hand-made by workers.

Easy to install with the thick flexible band, no harm to your eyes can be reused more than 5 times with proper care. Use eyelash adhesive on the band, then install the eyelashes to your own human lashes. The durability of these pairs brings you high-value and magnetic style. Get the affordable, yet alluring volume that you’re looking for on a daily basis.

The natural fake eyelashes are very comfortable and lightweight -the flare effect doesn’t look overly fake. The length and curl of the eyelashes are in the best performance, make your eyes look bright and attractive, apply these eyelashes for a natural look and feel.