Glossiva One Step Color Corrector Primer


The Glossiva color-correcting primer is gentle even for sensitive facial skin and is free from harmful chemicals often found on other skin products.


Containing fifteen different types of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, the glossa skin color correcting primer doesn’t just cover-up, but enriches your skin for a healthier, more natural beauty in the long run.

Prime your skin before your beauty routine, and ensure that it’s nice and moist underneath your makeup. More than that, the glossa skin tone correcting and brightening primer also provides protection for your skin from harmful rays from sunlight, which is the cause of aging and wrinkles.

With the glossa color-correcting facial primer you get triple action rolled into one: and you can actually see the helix of active ingredients with your own eyes. Why worry about applying three products, when you can do it all with one?