Fandamei Nail Cuticle Tools Kit


Package included: nail polish remover clips, cuticle nippers, cuticle pusher, nail polish remover cotton pad, nail brush, nail file black, nail buffer, orangewood nail sticks.


The nail clips and brush are made of high-quality plastic. The nail clip can tightly fit your finger but will not feel excessive pressure, not easy to fall out. The nail brush can easily clean nail dust on a nail file or nail surface. The cotton pad is not easy to fall cotton fiber after wet. Make your nail polish gel removal easier.

Made of superior stainless steel, the cuticle cutter is easy to clip away cuticles, hard skin, hangnails. Design with ultra-sharp cutting edge and super fine tip, the cuticle trimmer can easily reach deep and cut small areas around nails. The handle adopts the ergonomic design, easy to grip.

The black nail file can help remove nail gel and trim your nail to the desired length and shape, suitable for natural or fake nails. The nail buffer can refine nail surface, smooth nail surface and polish it.