Fake Blood Halloween Makeup


  • Not too thin or too runny
  • Safe for adults & kids
  • Easy to use & move
  • Realistic-effect
  • Non-toxic


The fake blood has an incredible arterial red color and is highly realistic with real blood. Even if you don’t have time for a more elaborate Halloween makeup or costume, a little fake blood can turn an average getup into something quite gory. Provides you with the best Halloween makeup decoration.

The Halloween makeup blood can create special effects to the next level. With 1 fluid ounce per bottle, you can create a crime scene, oozing wounds, bloody footprints, and splatter patterns, burns, scars, cuts, bites, and more. 4 pcs fake capsule for realistic spurting effect and the crime scene.

The stage fake blood stays consistent and wet in every shot and achieves a viscosity closer to the real blood. Becoming someone else for Halloween is a lot of fun. The fake blood can impress this Halloween.