Face Skin Essence Serum Hyaluronic


This beauty serum is an effective moisturizer with added light anti-aging benefits for all skin types. The pure 24 k gold flakes absorb right into your skin, leaving the skin bright and naturally radiant.


After cleansing, apply 2 – 3 drops of the right amount of liquid applied to the face or eye, massage gently until it is absorbed. Replenish lost moisture with gentle a toner that refreshes and promotes healthy-looking skin, leaving skin feeling firmer and looking more vibrant. Infused with 24 karat gold, collagen, and potent antioxidants that nourish depleted skin making it more radiance and balanced.

Use for before make-up as cosmetic water, quickly moisture the deep skin, and help to absorb all your lotion and cream.

2 – 3 drops on your sponge or blender, may make the powder more nature and not stuck the powder on the face. Before wear lipstick, wait for all the serum absorbing, you may lock moisture on the lip. Every piece of skin you feel dry, oliver 24 k gold foil essence serum may help you to lock the water into your cells.