Elevate the Beauty Eyebrow Lamination Kit


After procedure care for 24 hours: don’t get your eyebrows wet, don’t use harsh products or oil-based makeup removers, don’t take a steamy, hot shower, don’t apply eyebrow makeup, don’t sleep face down.


Forget about eyebrow gels, powders, wax and other fixation tools for fixing your brows on day to day basis. Using our lamination kit you will get beautiful, fuller, feathery and more defined brows. The direction and shape of your eyebrows-make them look longer and bushier.

Beauty salons usually charge from 80 $ to 160 $ for a single brow lamination session. Using elevate the beauty eyebrow lamination kit you will save money you can use the kit up to 8 times.

Perfect for people with messy eyebrows as well as for those who have thin eyebrows. Enjoy thicker brow effect lasting at least 6 weeks.