Earller Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes


  • Safe, are made of high-quality ingredients, and 100% non-toxic I and it’s latex-free.
  • Avoid glue allergy.


In order to solve the problem that most magnetic eyeliners have a poor magnetic effect and cannot maintain the effect for a long time and even cause the magnetic eyelashes to fall off. This kit uses the newly developed third-generation magnetic eyeliner. It has a long-lasting magnetic effect that can hold magnetic eyelashes as powerful as magic, and it is waterproof, scent and hypoallergenic. New choice for women’s eyes makeup.

This reusable lashes pack includes 10 different eyelash styles ( natural look long and short lashes ), can meet the needs of different occasions. Although 3D and 5D eyelashes are complicated and expensive to manufacture, they can create more beautiful and delicate makeup, and provide you with beautiful eye makeup all day long.

Each eyelash is evenly distributed with 5 miniature magnets, which can be closely absorbed with the magnetic particles in the eyeliner. These safety and light false eyelashes combine “beautiful”, “natural”, and “comfortable” together. Every woman who pursues beauty is worth trying this magnetic eyelash set.

With this magnetic lashes and eyeliner kit, you can easily have beautiful eye makeup like a makeup artist. Just shake the eyeliner and apply it to the eyelids. Wait for the eyeliner to dry, place the lashes on top of the real eyelashes with tweezers or hands to align the outer edge with the edge of the natural eyelash line. Just use makeup remover or warm water to easily remove eyeliner.

This magnetic eyeliner and lashes Kit is packed in a well-designed gift box, which is not only convenient for storage and avoiding pollution, but also can be used as a beautiful gift for sisters, classmates, colleagues, mothers, friends, etc.