Dual Ended Brow & Lash Comb


Packaging Include :

  • Dual-ended brow comb & lash comb
  • Eyeshadow brush


This eye eyebrow makeup tools kit included a dual-ended brow comb & lash comb spoolie brush + eyeshadow brush. Create the perfect arch brow and nice eyeshadow with our tool kit.

2 in 1 designs dual-ended brow comb & lash comb spoolie brush is made of high-quality wood and nylon wool, durable and easy to hold and makeup your eyebrow. Suitable for professional use and personal use.

This double-ended eyebrow brush is ideal for shaping and defining eyebrows. The angled firm bristles are perfect for filling in eyebrow and a high-quality curve brush is for easy grooming and blending.

These soft makeup brushes are easy to clean and they dry off fast. One end of eye shadow brush can be used for the eyelid part of a large area of color and eye dizzy, the other end of the slightly short brush can be used to decorate eye details, can also be used with an eyebrow powder to eyebrows plastic fill in color, can also be used as an eyeliner brush, lip brush, concealer brush.