Deep Calming Toner Spray For Sensitive Skin By Tree To Tub


The secret to this simple toner lies is in its Eastern-Infusion Blend. Ginseng boosts blood circulation and brightens skin complexion while green tea soothes inflammation and gives natural toning. The bright, even skin tone.


You already know the benefits of hyaluronic acid for deep moisturization. So you’ll love our balancing complex of healing vitamins (B5, C, E) and organic soothing botanicals. Enjoy the rewards without the irritation. Finally, a hydrating face mist skin toner that loves the skin you’re in-a a remarkably gentle and delicately scented facial toner for women of all skin types.

You probably know most ‘natural’ toners can contain harsh chemicals too. But it’s not necessary. The truth is to balance the pH while providing quenching moisture from witch hazel extract, grapefruit seed extract, aloe vera, chamomile, organic rose water and glycerin. Balanced skin is beautiful skin.

With its eastern-Infusion blend, it’s easy to see how this unique face mist spray will give you the glowing skin you’ve been waiting for, while soothing sensitive skin at the same time. Because when your skin is balanced, it needs nothing else except maybe a special occasion to show off.

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