Dageda Lip Balm Set


Long-lasting Moisturizer: smoothing, waterproof, reduce lip lines, soften dead skin, prevent chapped lips, anti-aging, healthy and safe. Easily get a plump, delicate and rosy lips.


Packs seasons fruity lipstick are grapefruit (yellow), lemon (white), blueberry (blue), red pomegranate (pink). Not only have different fragrances, but also have different effects on the lips. This set provides all-around repair and care to the lips, making your lips plump and soft.

There are a total of four colorless lipsticks in this set. Blood orange and lemon flavors are suitable for daytime, while red pomegranate and blueberry flavors are better for deep repair at night. Lips need long-lasting nutrition during the day or night so that we can get soft and charming lips without makeup.

These natural ingredients can bring a natural moisturizing effect to the lips deeply penetrate into lips gap and form a lasting moisture layer.

Suitable for use throughout the year to moisturize and repair lips. Perfect as a gift.