Charming 4D Gel Cilrofelr Waterproof


  • High pigment.
  • 360-degree fullness.
  • Good styling effect.
  • Vegan & lightweight formula.
  • Long-wearing & waterproof.


Made of high pigmented and smooth formula, cilrofelr eyebrow gel instantly enhances the volume and color of the eyebrows. It’s also great for filling in sparse hairs! No clumpy, and quickly achieve a dramatic brow effect! Suitable for people of all ages!

Do you usually get troubled for messy eyebrows? This tinted brow gel separates, grooms and shapes your eyebrows while setting them in place all day. Make your eyebrows more fluffy and natural. It is great for daily makeup.

The amazing part about cilrofelr eyebrow gel is that it is waterproof, smudge-proof, sweat-proof, and won’t budge in 24 hours. It is convenient to use and carry in their own home and then go out. You are perfect anytime, anywhere.

Apply the gel from the root of the eyebrows, and then use the spoolie brush to gently spread it. Allow 1 – 2 minutes for the gel to dry and blend with your eyebrows. Just a few swipes could create a life-like hair texture easily.