Brow Styling Soap 3D Feathery Brows Makeup Balm


  • Package: 2 x eyebrow soap
  • Size:6.3 x 3.7 x 1.3 cm
  • Content: 16 g x 2


The eyebrows soap is a clear setting product that when brushed through the natural eyebrow adds thickness, volume, and texture. Beachy Brows also nourishes and conditions the Brows therefore promoting healthy hair growth. 3D eyebrow soap has even texture, create 3D natural and perfect eyebrows. Make your makeup looks more.

Creat natural, fuller, thicker, add thickness, volume, and texture, nourishes and conditions the brows.

The all-natural and organic formula, made of mild and nonirritating materials, can shorten the time of makeup.

Easy to use, easy to carry, take it wherever you like, make your eyebrow any time.