Brow Pomade Ardell


The beauty product has a plastic creamy consistency with persistent coloring pigments.



Brow pomade is a special eyebrow pomade developed by the ardell brand. She will help you to achieve a flawless and long-lasting makeup. It is surprisingly easy to apply, lays down in an even thin layer, is well distributed and shaded. Using such a decorative tool, you can quickly and easily correct the shape of the eyebrows, accurately outlining their contours, as well as fill in the “gaps” with color and add density.

For this purpose, the lipstick is supplemented with a double-sided accessory, at one end of which there is an elastic brush, at the other – a comfortable beveled brush. With their help, you can easily draw lines and strokes, comb, style and fix even the shortest and most unruly hair. In a matter of minutes, lipstick gives a great effect, giving your eyebrows a natural expressiveness and volume. Brow pomade has a waterproof formula.

It allows the beauty product to hold after application without smudging and discoloration up to a record 12 hours. This makes it possible not to worry about the flawless appearance of the eyebrows, despite the weather surprises.