Bow Hair Bands


Broadside design wrapped intact without leaving a trace of broken hair. Wear it right at your hairline, you don’t need to worry about wet hair anymore when washing your face.


Coral fleece material, super soft and durable, very comfortable. Doesn’t damage your hair, is thick enough to keep long hair out of your face.

Including pink, purple, fruit green, blue, beige, gray, white, watermelon red, rose red, red, navy blue, black. Can share them with your friends and family or use different colors each time. A cute bowtie shape on the top of the headband makes you extraordinarily sweet and cute. It makes you feel a little bit childish and girly.

The headbands hold your hair back perfectly. Take it off and without messing your hair up. The thick elastic on the bottom/back portion of it allows for most head shapes and sizes to wear it effectively.