Bow Hair Band


The cosmetic headband is 100% elastic microfiber fleece, super soft and durable, exceptionally fluffy, soft, comfortable and easy to wear without any shedding and skin hurt.

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Cosmetic headband bowknot shape on the top of the headband makes you extraordinarily sweet. Can be used for adults as well as for children, the soft texture does not harm children’s skin. The Elastic hair bands can be stretched to 12 inches, easily to fit your head size. For keeping hair out of face when applying makeup cosmetic or washing face. Sweet hair accessory to use in the bathroom or hang out in the bed. Hair lace headband design, it will be more convenient while washing face, applying the mask, doing spa facials, playing yoga, running, exercising, or any time you want to hold your hair. Can also be used for Halloween costume and pajama parties.