Botabay Face Mask


This natural face sheet mask contains natural plant extracts, hyaluronic acid. Intensively hydrating and improves dryness.



Each face sheet masks of this series notably facial masks are infused with a rich amount of hyaluronic and natural botanical essence like aloe, seaweed, avocado, chamomile, pomegranate, thick and juicy, drenched triple-layered sheet mask provides extra hydration, can apply up to 46 mins. Help sensitive dryness skin boost its moisture-retention ability and rebuild the skin protection barrier.

0.1 mm ultra-thin mask sheets Import from Korean provides a soft texture and higher essence absorption rate and better adhesion on the skin. Mild and gentle, fit for all face sizes. Add face mask sheets to your daily skincare routine to experience the ultimate skincare experience. Use 2 – 11 masks per week for the best result.