BoostLash Eyelash Growth Serum


Product is made with premium quality ingredients, such as grape stem cell extract that provides superior protection of the eye lashes, ensuring long lasting effects and healthy cells. And Is not tested on animals.


Designed with the goal of using natural ingredients to support naturally long, thick eyelashes, BoostLash combines the high-quality, botanically-derived myristoyl pentapeptide-17 and stem cells from Gamay, a purple-colored grape varietal, to enhance lash cell proliferation, lengthen and strengthen eyelashes, and promote healthy eyelid cells.

Under the most intense expert scrutiny of Boostlash, it has proved its power with the very impressive results it posted. Boostlash is confirmed to be safe, free of allergies, does not cause harm to your iris color neither does it cause any form of irritation. This eyelash growth serum has the components that make it your ideal choice in your beauty collection.

The intensive research that went into the formulation of this eyelash growth serum is sublime. It is manufactured with highly potent ingredients that are mild on you. It allows the effects of nature to have its free course with the aid of the masterfully blended ingredients. It is a world-class concentration that will put the right spark in your looks.

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